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    Heater Installation

    When the weather is cold, the heater is one of the most pleasing luxuries one can enjoy. Our Team in Encino can install both electric or gas heater in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, apartment, garage or at your office.
    While working with experienced and qualified technicians from Wild HVAC Services Encino, you can complete the installation process most efficiently and effectively with a professional who can handle this process with more care and cautiously than a homeowner himself who is doing it for the first time or twice in his lifetime.

    Air Duct Installation

    Air Duct installation is a challenging task, if you are making a new room, home, building or altering the old one, better to choose professionals from Wild HVAC services for this. Because when an Air Duct installs poorly, it contaminates indoor air with dust, debris and poses severe health damage, along with that it decreases the efficiency of your heating & cooling system and increases your overall operational expense.
    With our trained, certified, and insured personnel, we provide you the best service related to your HVAC and Air Duct Installation in Encino. They handle all tasks related to Duct installation including design & planning; installation of plenum main trunk line, Brunch runs & Returns with the right material & tools.

    Swamp Cooler Repair

    The swamp cooler is an investment which keeps you and your family comfortable during the hot summers 24/7 at a little cost as compared to Air Conditioning Units. However, like every other appliance, swamp coolers also need repair & maintenance.

    Wild HVAC Services Encino provides a comprehensive Swamp Cooler repair services in Encino, for a residential and an Industrial Swamp Cooler.
    Our professionals can handle all your repair problems including:
    ⦁ Water leaking, loosen/detach wires
    ⦁ Corroded pipes, disconnected duct
    ⦁ Broken/blocked water pads
    ⦁ out of order water pump
    ⦁ Burnt Fan Moto